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About Footsteps

Footsteps is the educational platform of the Abraham Path Cultural Route, supported by the Abraham Path Initiative. The objective of Footsteps project is to engage students and faculty from around the world in immersive experiential education along the Path. Footsteps transcends classroom theory, prioritizes personal encounters, and promotes walking and community-based education as a fundamental means of human learning.


Footsteps values walking as a fundamental mode by which humans explore and gain knowledge of the world around them, and as a pedagogical tool uniquely suited for immersive experiential education in and on the Middle East. Footsteps views walking as the physical method to confront fear of the other and to best understand the complexities of one’s surroundings.


Regardless of the courses or research that students and faculty undertake, spending time in communities is invaluable. Community-based education, in which students are hosted by people living in the region, deepens the learning experience in virtually all fields of study.


The Abraham Path’s cultural, historical, and geographic breadth makes the route a useful tool for studying the Middle East within a range of academic disciplines, including anthropology, archaeology, communications, development, environmental studies, economics, linguistics, history, international relations, conflict studies, political science, and tourism. Since its inception in 2007, negotiation theory and practice has been at the heart of the Abraham Path project. Footsteps provides students the opportunity to be introduced to negotiation theory, practice negotiation skills and study real Abraham Path project negotiation cases alongside their regular fields of study.

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